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  • Dr. Singh and his amazing support staff saved my cat’s life after she ate the string off a wand toy (for the second time in her life)! I woke up to her vomiting multiple times and brought her to the clinic immediately. After confirming my suspicions she had eaten string (I found the wand with no string on it), they took Peach into the back to prep her for surgery right away while I signed paperwork approving everything. I appreciate that they didn’t waste any time. They took really good care of her after surgery and she had great pain control throughout the entire healing process. Dr. Singh went over all the home care instructions thoroughly, and answered any questions that I had. I want to thank Dr. Singh, the Veterinary Nurses, and the entire Oakridge Veterinary Clinic’s staff for acting fast to save my baby’s life. They were kind, empathetic, and informative through the entire process. Peach has healed beautifully and is back to her old self 3 weeks post-op. I feel their high standards of care helped Peach throughout her recovery.

    Candace Spenker

  • The staff at Oakridge Vet were great. They were friendly and very helpful. I was stressed & nervous bringing my bunny in but they really seemed knowledgeable. I will definitely bring back my fur babies.

    Julie Rossetta

  • 4.6 Google Rating