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  • The care for my dog here was amazing. If you have any issues with your dog, please bring them to Oakrifge Vet Clinic. Doctor said prong collar is inhumane and my dog needs more training. Ive done a lot of research on prong collars and its definitely an opinion when it comes to it being humane/inhumane. Also, I know my dog needs more training and I am taking the proper measures. Put a lot of heart and soul (and time)into getting him to where he is and continue to pour energy into him, so it stings a bit when a stranger says it. Humane/inhumane is subjective. In my culture, its inhumane to neuter a dog. Here in the USA, it is commonplace. Both sides have their reasoning and thats ok. Same applies to the prong collar. UPDATE: Doc called to make things right same day of the review. The care for my dog was great and the comments were made with only good intentions.
    Sunny P.
  • As my 13-year-old Maine coon Blueberry is getting older she is not able to groom herself properly and doesn't let me cut her nails. Recently I noticed some matting and tried to brush them out but...
    Ariel Rose S.
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